Tenerife is known for its unique beauty and variety of landscapes, from the lush green areas of the North to the arid South, without forgetting Teide’s National Park, home of the volcano that gives name to the place that attracts most of the tourism arriving to this island of the Canary archipelago.

Beautiful sunset in Bollullo Beach, Tenerife

Among the countless interesting places in the region, there is one particularly striking for those lucky enough to find it -the access is not very intuitive-. It is the Beach of El Bollullo, a beautiful and intriguing natural setting, formed of volcanic sand and crystalline waters, located in the town of La Orotava, a few kilometers to the East of the Port of Santa Cruz.

Perhaps the greatest charm of this place is due to its geographical location, protected by cliffs, which is accessed by locating the restaurant called El Bollullo, in the area of El Rincón. From there, a dirt road descends steeply, between banana plantations, until the gold becomes a bright black and we stumble upon the intense breeze derived from strong waves, characteristic of this beach of about 400 meters long and extremely valuable for surf lovers.

Just a few steps from the stairs that descend directly to the beach, we find a small shrine, adorned with wooden crosses, handmade with dry sticks that fall from the tamarisk growing around the rocks. Privacy and natural harmony meet in this beautiful beach, lacking the usual services of others but still equipped with a kiosk where you can drink something and enjoy, at the same time, a dreamy sunset in Tenerife.

Text © Alicia Jiménez
Photos © Nano Calvo

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