Yesterday, one of the images from my recent reportage “4 Days in the Faroe Islands” was published by National Geographic as Travel Photo of the Day. From the many positive comments and notes I got after this publication, I want to share this beautiful message that Sigrið Mikkjalsdóttir, from Norðoya Kunningarstova, sent me today. I am happy to dedicate this photo to Sigrið´s uncle and all the elders that make the world a better place and deserve all our attention, love and respect.

¨Good morning Nano Calvo,

Congratulations on your photo. It is wonderful to read such positive news as the first thing in the morning.

ferjadrekk_(medium)This photo wakes so many wonderful memories in memories. Every summer I have been in that village for some days, spending my holidays and visiting my uncle in the white house to the right. He was the best storyteller I have ever met.

My uncle and his wife (portrayed on the left, in a photo sent by Sigrið) passed away a few years ago, short before reaching their 70th wedding anniversary, but if they knew that a picture of their house was published on a world famous website, my uncle sure would have some good stories to tell about it, where only the smaller part of the story was actually true.

Thank You for sharing this picture, and give me the opportunity to wake up the memories of my dear uncle.”

Village of Gjógv

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