A few meters from the maddening chaos of local markets and the noisy bus station, in the city of Galle, Southwest of Sri Lanka, we found a haven of peace called The Dutch House. This hotel is on top of one of the highest hills in the capital, enjoying spectacular views of two of the most iconic landmarks of the place: The Fort of Galle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its famous harbor. However, although it may seem that it is isolated, it is possible to walk to the city center in just a few minutes.

This unique luxurious accommodation, built on a former Dutch colonial mansion from 1712, offers calm, comfort and relaxation to the guest, after a rewarding day of sightseeing around the city. Every detail is taken cared of at The Dutch House. The four suites that make it up are different, but all have a spacious room with canopy bed and couch, a relaxing place to work or read, enjoying the view of the green garden, and a bathroom to the delight of any lover of luxury and pleasure.

Outside the privacy of the rooms, we find common areas like the spacious living room, with big walls that house huge libraries filled with international culture, and a nice collection of contemporary art. Its exquisite colonial decoration, like the rest of the house, evokes easily the early days of the eighteenth century.

In the garden, created in a pure British Style, cricket fans will enjoy the small field adapted for Sri Lanka´s national sport. It is also possible to enjoy the silence while you grant a truce to the body, tired of going through long distances that cross the country, in one of the large and comfortable wicker chairs that offer great views of a colourful horizon.

After the physical rest in the garden, it is impossible to reject a deserved swim in the infinity pool – which is surrounded by leafy trees and flowering plants, providing privacy and natural beauty -, before closing the day with a unique dinner at The Sun House, the “little sister” which is placed on the same street, just a few meters from the main entrance of the hotel.

We are not surprised by the fact that this dream location is considered, according to their website, as one of the 20 trendy hotels in the world. If you visit Sri Lanka, you should not miss the opportunity to grant yourself the gift of enjoying some days in this haven of peace.

The Dutch House, a Haven of Peace in Galle
Text © Alicia Jiménez
Photos © Nano Calvo 2014

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