As it happens with Lapland in winter, Costa Rica is a destination where you can satisfy your desire for adventure and adrenaline release, while enjoying its unique natural wealth. In our 17 day tour we did three of the activities that you should not miss if you like action and you are visiting this recommended Central American country for the first time.

Canyoning in La Fortuna

Founded by Cynthia Pummer, Pure Trek is certainly the best experience of canyoning and waterfall rappelling you can find in Costa Rica. With an impeccable organisation, they are based in La Fortuna, near the Arenal Volcano, being the perfect activity to occupy a few hours of your stay in the popular area.
Canyoning with Pure Trek in Costa Rica / Inusualia

The tour, which begins with a walk along a path through the rainforest, consists of 4 rappels, one from a rock wall and the rest in three waterfalls, being the highest from nearly 60 meters. Although it may not be suitable for people with a very pronounced vertigo, it is an activity that anyone with a minimal physical form can develop, and the truth is that it is extremely enjoyable.

We must recognise and highlight that the team of guides, with a deep knowledge of the necessary technique and due attention to safety measures, knew how to transmit the required tranquility to enjoy some exciting hours of fun in the rainforest.

At the end of the tour, though, nothing like a good shower, a good natural juice and a rich homemade food, also included in the package.

Rafting in Sarapiqui

Another activity that you can not miss during your trip to Costa Rica is the classic rafting. As you surely know, it is based on the descent of a river on an inflatable raft, with different levels of difficulty, depending on the river section chosen.

Rafting in Costa Rica / Inusualia

We were lucky to do it with Aguas Bravas Rafting, and certainly we hit with the choice. The company offers different types of tours, as well as the option to choose the level of difficulty and intensity of the route: From Class I, thought to enjoy a peaceful ride and the ubiquitous nature, to Class III and IV, with continuous rapids of difficult technique and a lot of adrenaline.

Besides accompanied by two experienced and friendly guides, as Gustavo and Dionis, we shared the raft with a friendly Venezuelan couple, Mario and Tami, who, along with her goddaughter, Paola, enjoyed the ride with us, even though we almost lose the latter in a couple of times, as shown in one of the photos above.

At the end of the course, to regain strength after the entertaining descent, a good homemade meal and a pleasant chat with our fellow raft mates, before leaving for the next destination.

Canopy in Monteverde / Inusualia

Canopy in Monteverde

This is another of the typical activities of Costa Rica, and the truth is we find it worth experiencing it. It consists in slipping from one tree to another, through a cable, leading an exciting feeling and the chance to enjoy magnificent views from the air.

With the help of two experts and very friendly guides, Pepe and Cover, we rode a considerable extension of magnificent forest, from tree top to tree top, with wires going from 60 to 800 meters.

Again, we were lucky with fellow adventurers. In this case we shared adrenaline relase with Michiel and Suzanne, a nice Belgian couple who was touring around the country, just like us.

We did this in Monteverde and, if we return to the country, we would repeat the experience without hesitation. We also visited the cloud forest and learnt a lot about local nature in Ficus Trails, with the help and company of the great local guide, Jorge Marin, as we will narrate in another article and we recommend to all who visit the area.


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