One of the best experiences of my recent trip to Colombia, with Colombia Photo Expeditions, has undoubtedly been the visit to a village of the Wayuu indigenous tribe, in the area of La Guajira.

Although I will dedicate another report to that memorable day and the beautiful interactions that took place, I am sharing some images of their interesting dance, called Yonna, and a brief explanatory text.

Three basic principles

Like all rituals, the Yonna dance, also called Chichamaya, carries a considerable symbolic charge and represents three basic principles for this tribal group: Social equality, collective solidarity and the improvement of relations between the human being and the Cosmos.

During the dance and, to the sound of the drum, the woman follows the man, while opening the blanket with her hands, making both a series of movements that are inspired by those of certain birds and animals.

He, on the other hand, walks backwards with long steps, avoiding falling and being overcome, in a symbolic way, at the end of this mysterious and enigmatic choreography, also used for other types of purposes, such as thanking the God of Rain for his generosity and needed help.

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