She was born in Brazil in 1969, although her vital evolution took her to the island of Ibiza, where she lives since 1990. Mother of two, Sven and Alec, she combines her work as a teacher of Hatha Yoga, in Sivananda style, with a career as a plastic artist. It is on the Balearic island where we met and, after the photo shoot where many of the photos on this article were created, a beautiful friendship was born, strengthened by my regular assistance to her yoga classes. 

From a Facial Paralysis to Sivananda

The beginnings of Lena Tancredi in the practice of yoga are interesting, and they go back to an episode of facial paralysis caused by a shock term, mainly affecting half of his face. The doctor, in addition to acupuncture and other recovery techniques, suggests started in this discipline. “This way – explains Lena -, I began to recover all the movements of the face, but also discovered a passion for this philosophy of life, which later would lead me to become a teacher.”

Inspiring Yoga in Ibiza

Since then, Lena started to change her life and dietary habits, as well as her thinking patterns. For her, Sivananda style is ” a gentle teaching, where relaxation is very important and time spent in the posture is essential. So are, undoubtedly, pranayama breathing exercises. The study of philosophical texts is another important part, as are the correct and honest conduct, and regular meditation. “

About the Photo Shoot and Yoga Journal

One day, at Qué Tal Café of Santa Eulalia del Río, in Ibiza – my second office at the time and meeting place for interesting characters of all types and condition -, I proposed to Lena the idea of doing a photo shoot together. She was immediately interested and accepted, so a few days later we were looking for suitable places for that need.

Short after that day, Spanish edition of the prestigious magazine Yoga Journal published, to our delight, an extensive six-page portfolio on our work together, and so did other magazines during the next years, such as the Russian edition of this same publication.

Sunset Mountain Yoga Retreat in Ibiza

If you are interested in getting started in the practice of Yoga, or want to improve your knowledge, and may be interested in combining it with a stay in the island of Ibiza, a good option is assisting to one of the Yoga Retreats that Lena offers at her center, Sunset Mountain. There, the teachings are combined with a healthy and tasty food, leaving you enough spare time for visiting the island and doing any other activity. For more information, you can visit her website or email Lena.  

Yoga in Ibiza with Lena Tancredi
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