The Museum of Modern Art, better known by its acronym in English as MoMA, is one of the essential points on your list when you plan to visit the Big Apple. This is what Nano explained me while we were designing the route for this journey, in search of the best places to photograph in the city that never sleeps.

Located in the district of Manhattan, at 11 West 53rd Street, we find this unique glass building dating from 1929, with an appearance – despite the artistic genre that it houses – is similar to any office building, except for the large vertical sign which dresses its facade and puts name, with great typography, to this sanctuary of modern and contemporary art par excellence.

Giacommetti at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Picasso at the Museum of Modern Art, New YorkInside, simplicity and minimalism come together and make the visit comfortable and relaxed, thanks to the breadth of its rooms and lounge areas, while every corner surprises us with diverse and unique works that delight both the art lovers and curious people who visit it almost as an obligation.

Andy Warhol at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

On its walls you can find pieces of the most famous artists of the world, in their discipline and beyond, as the Spaniards Pablo Picasso with Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Salvador Dali´s Persistence of Memory, the Dutch Vincent Van Gogh and his Starry Night, iconic Warhol or the Russian Vasily Kandinsky, among many other internationally renowned creators.  

Since its inception, the gallery was able to be recognised for hosting those disciplines which, by the trends of his time, had no place in other museums, contrary to abstract art and cubism. This way, among the works that inhabit it, we discover also interesting sculptures of the best authors of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as the Parisian Auguste Rodin, the versatile Giacometti and Pablo Serrano, from Spanish city of Teruel, to name a few of the most popular.

Museum of Modern Art, New York

In 2012, echoing the evolution of art and new trends, and following the logic for a place of this kind, MoMA is the first in the world to host video games source codes, considering it as art, opening a door to younger generations and making art suitable for all audiences.

As a summary of our visit, I can say that placing this landmark in your New York route is a success. When you leave the MoMA you realize that, no matter how deep your knowledge is, Art is one of those things in life that does not disappoint. You will like some works more than others but, by the simple fact of experiencing them directly, you are allowed to enter, for a few hours, into the madness of the artists and their conceptual bubble, far and close, at the same time, of our simple reality.

Saturday Monrning at MoMA
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