Just like in so many other spheres of our lives, what is valuable and significant lies right before us, just out of reach from our naïve and limited knowledge. This must be the reason why we often search afar, or under exotic lights, the beauty that can be found much closer and for a much more reasonable price.


Cies Islands, a Unique Paradise in Galicia

200x200Such is no doubt the case of the Cies Islands (Islas Cíes) in Galicia, unknown to the majority of the Spanish population, but well known to a large amount of people thanks to a much-commented article in British newspaper The Guardian, which appeared in 2007.

This report, written by Gavin McOwan, assured that Rodas Beach (Praia das Rodas) – which you can appreciate in the images below – is the best beach in the world, even above marvels such as Palawan in the Philippines, or Porto da Barra in Brazil.

Cies Islands, a Unique Paradise in Galicia


Cies Islands, a Unique Paradise in Galicia

I confess I am against making comparisons, but I must admit that this paradisiac archipelago – a Natural Reserve since 1908 – located off the coast of Vigo, Pontevedra, is one of the most breath-taking places I have visited to date.

For this reason, and a couple more, I recommend a respectful visit to this amazing nature spot, and I suggest you stay overnight so you can enjoy a sunset such as the one you can appreciate at the end of this note.

Be aware that involves staying at the campsite opposite the lake, since it is the only way you can stay the night there.

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