With our best wishes for the new year, we share some of the best photos taken by our photographer, Nano Calvo, during 2014. Thanks for visiting Inusualia and hope you enjoy and share. 

Poya Buddhist Celebration, Galle

Boy holding incense sticks for offering during Poya Buddhist Celebration, Galle, Sri Lanka. 

Atlantic Puffins on Mykines island, Faroe Islands

Group of puffins take flight in Mykines, Faroe Islands. View Reportage.

Angam Pora with Guru Karunapala

Meditation during training of Angampora with Guru Karunapala in Sri Lanka.
View Reportage.

Winter Swimming World Championships 2014 in Rovaniemi

Competitors watch races during Winter Swimming World Championships in Rovaniemi.

Keeper checks mobile sitting on Elephant. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage,

Keeper checks mobile while sitting on elephant, Pinnawala, Sri Lanka. Reportage coming soon. 

Cute blonde woman dressed as an elf

Marta Pihelgas, from Estonia, works as an elf in Kaukslauttanen, Finland. View Reportage.

In the Reindeer farm of Tuula Airamo

In the Reindeer farm of Sami descendant, Tuula Airamo. Inari, Lapland. View Reportage.

Students in Galle Fort

Female college students dressed in blue. Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.

Ice Climbing in Pyhä

Ice Climbing in Pyhä with Aleksi Mehtonen and Bliss Adventure. View Reportage.

Rescued Spanish GreyhoundPortrait of Beltza, Spanish Greyhound rescued after being abandoned by previous owner.

Mother calms baby in bus, Sri Lanka.

The Faroe Islands

Small fishing boat in stormy waters of Mykines, Faroe Islands.

Seller in bus

Food seller in bus, Sri Lanka.

Left: Alicia and Ronnie in Jerte Valley, Spain Center: Girl places candle as offering, Sri Lanka Right: Alicia enters swimming pool in The Dutch House, Sri Lanka. 

Wilderness husky sledding taiga tour in Lapland

Wilderness husky sledding taiga tour with Bearhillhusky, Lapland. Reportage coming soon. 

Kike Calvo Flying Drone

Photographer Kike Calvo flying drone in Madrid, Spain.

Poya Buddhist Celebration, Galle

Father and child play with comet during Poya Buddhist Celebration. Reportage coming soon. 

Monkey walks on scaffold in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.

Aurora Borealis  over Lake Inari

Aurora Borealis over cabins of Visit Inari at Lake Inari, Finland. 

Wilderness husky sledding taiga tour in Lapland

Dogs show love to man at BearhillHusky farm, Lapland.

Young man feeds turtles

2004 Tsunami survivor feeds turtles for earning some rupees from tourists, Sri Lanka.

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